Art Vandals Background

An exhibition by Felix Gmelin

For the last several years, the Swedish artist Felix Gmelin has been interested in artworks that have literally been destroyed in museums, galleries, or other public spaces. In Art Vandals, Felix Gmelin reinterprets twelve works that have been subjected to vandalism.

The exhibition was first produced for Riksutställningar (Swedish Travelling Exhibition). This website uses the documentation of the exhibition, and invites you to add your own comment based upon the material.
The website is the result of a collaboration between Rosebud Artist Cooperative and Association for Temporary Art, and made possible thanks to Johan van der Hoeven ( that has created the java application.

The exhibition consists of twelve works:

Van Gogh in Lomma, 1996
After Bengt Sandberg and Erik Johansson (1995) Oil on canvas, 100 x 121 cm

Painting Modernism Black, 1996
After Damien Hirst (1994) and Mark Bridger (1994)

Kill Lies All, 1996
After Pablo Picasso (1937) and Tony Shafrazi (1974)

A Small Contribution to Purity, 1996
After Barnett Newman (1969-70) and F. Keler (1982)

Gentlemen's Agreement, 1996
After Dick Bengtsson (1971) and Olle Carlström (1986)

The Overpainting, 1996
After Arnulf Rainer (1973) and Arnulf Rainer? (1994)

The Avant-garde Will Never Change Its Spots, 1996
After an unknown artist and Asger Jorn (1962)

A New Painting after Rauschenberg's Erased de Kooning Drawing, 1995
After Willem de Kooning and Robert Rauschenberg (1953)

Art Criticism, 1995
After Thomas Olsson (1986) and employees at Volvo's Swedish headquarters (1990)

Three Birds with One Stone, 1994
After Victor Vasarely and Erik Dietman (1981)

I Love You Tushee Love Buns, 1994
After Roy Lichtenstein (1962) and Reginald Walker (1993)

A Case of Poisoning, 1994
After Robert Gober (1989) and Ed Brezezinski (1989)

photographs: Karl-Olov Bergström, Jochen Littkemann, Olof Wallgren
english translation: Philip Landon