Art Vandals Background

I Love You Tushee Love Buns, 1994, by Felix Gmelin
After Roy Lichtenstein (1962) and Reginald Walker (1993) Oil on polyester, 100 x 85 cm


'Pop chose to depict everything previously considered unworthy of notice, let alone of art: every level of advertisment, magazine and newspaper illustration, Times Squere jokes, tasteless bric-à-brac and gaudy furnishing, ordinary clothes and foods, film stars, pin-ups, cartoons. Nothing was sacred, and the cheaper and more despicable the better. Nor were the time-honoured mehods of creating art respected...'
Perhaps Reginald Walker, 21, had read this passage from art historian Lucy r. Lippard's introduction to pop art.
Temporarily employed as a guard at the Whitney Museum in New Yourk, he used a felt-tipped pen to write a declaration of love onto Lichtenstein's painting 'Curtain'(1996). He drew a heart and wrote the inscription 'Reggie and Crystal, I Love you Tushee Love Buns.'

Source: Art Magazine 12/1993