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Utopian World Championship

By SOC. Stockholm

Come and participate in UTOPIST-VM 2003!

How do you want to change the world? Now you have a chance to spread your utopian ideas and visionary thoughts on what you think the world’s future should look like. Come and compete in Utopist-VM. The participation of all is welcome.The competition, run by SOC.Stockholm, aims to investigate, collectively, the possibility of the utopian idea in our time, and stimulate a global discussion on the future of humanity.

The contest takes place at the Web site There you can register yourself, place your entry, look at other contributions, converse with others, and vote for finalists. There you can also find current information regarding developments in the competition. Everything is conducted in English. At the end of 2003, a winner will be chosen, who will receive $1000 in prize money. The winning contribution will be part of a publication which will be distributed to heads of state, and to organizations and individuals all over the world.

Utopist VM in the Exhibition, "The Public Opinion"

parts: two computer stations placed side by side on a table. There are chairs for those who wish to sit down. On the table there is a CD player, headphones, and the winning entry from Utopist-VM 2001 in the form of a printed document. There is the possibility of using the headphones to listen to a recorded Swedish presentation of Utopist-VM 2001, and 2003. Parts of the walls and floor and covered in glossy silver cardboard.
The winning entry from Utopist-VM 2001 is printed on colored paper in A3-format and mounted on the walls in a long row, connecting to the computers. The installation is illuminated with various spotlights. On August 30th, at Sergelarkaden (the square), SOC.Stockholm will present Utopist VM 2003 along with the winner of Utopist-VM 2001. This event will later be shown on a TV-monitor which is placed in the installation.

How Did It Begin?

Utopist-VM was begun in March, 2001, by SOC.Stockholm.
Via the press, mailing lists, and so on, information about the world championship was distributed. The entry deadline was June 30th, and, by that time, seventy-eight people from all over the world had registered as participants in the contest. Utopist-VM received the attention of the Australian daily press, which led to the participation of many Australians in the contest.
In September, when the voting began, there were eighteen entries which competed for first place. The public selected seven finalists and SOC.Stockholm selected three. Then a jury took over which, after discussions and voting, chose one of the ten finalists as the winner.
The jury consisted of:
Rebecka Lettevall: Ph.D. in the history of ideas, teaches at Södertörn University College.
Edward Soja: Professor of City Planning at UCLA, U.S.A..
Sverker Sörlin:Professor of Environmental History at Umeå University.
Bo Södersten: Professor of National Economy at Jönköping International Business School.
A representative from SOC.Stockholm

The Winner of Utopist VM 2001

At the end of December there was a gala at Enkehuset, in Stockholm, where T.R.O.Y., the winner of Utopist VM 2001 was selected.
The essentially unanimous jury chose T.R.O.Y.’s “The New World Disorder – a Global Network of Direct Democracy and Community Currency“ as the winning entry. T.R.O.Y. describes a scenario in the near future where capitalism has collapsed, and various grass-roots organizations and networks step forward and create a new, global community.
This new condition in the world is marked by decentralization, direct democracy, and a new monetary system consisting for the most part of local and regional currencies.

T.R.O.Y.´s “The New World Disorder – a Global Network of Direct Democracy and Community Currency“ is for sale at the exhibition.

What is SOC.Stockholm?

SOC.Stockholm is an artistic, socio-cultural experimental forum run by Jon Brunberg, Pernilla Carlsson Sjödin, Annika Drougge, Anna-Lena Lundmark, Johan Malmström, Tobias Sjödin and Karin Willén.
Visit us at or at our locale at Bondegatan 64, phone nr. 08-640 98 07.
In addition to Utopist VM, our activities include social events, art exhibitions, seminars, workshops, lectures, art, discussion groups, actions, and more.
If you have questions about SOC.Stockholm or need help participating in Utopist VM, you are welcome to mail us at:

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