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The Austrian group of artists known as WochenKlausur has been working with social interventions since 1993. They work with different types of social changes in which art functions as a platform. Projects are often started on the initiative of art institutions that invite the group to participate. The group then studies the actual site and comes with a proposal for a larger or smaller change of the social and political situation as well as a plan for carrying it out.
In Stockholm the designer Liv Fjellander and the artist Erik Rosshagen participate in WochenKlausur’s activities.
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bild på Måns WrangeMåns Wrange and Igor Isaksson

Together with Igor Isaksson and a network of other people, Måns Wrange has created the average citizen. Måns Wrange collaborated with [a:t] on a web-based exhibition in 1996. with Konrad Tollmar he created The Archive of Deleted Files which was a project dealing with the fear of supervision and virus penetration on the Internet. As professor of sculpture at Konstfack in Stockholm he has had a great impact on the Swedish art scene. His works are characterized by a very special imagination and humour combined with great seriousness.
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Association for Temporary Art [a:t]

Responsible for organizing the exhibition is Karin Hansson, one of the founders of the Association for Temporary Art [a:t]. Since 1995 she has worked as an artist, a lecturer at the theatre school in Stockholm as well as at art institutions such as Konstfack, Konsthögskolan, Valand, etc.
Karin has produced Public Opinion together with Åsa Andersson. Åsa Andersson is also one of the founders of [a:t] - Association for Temporary Art. She is an artist, curator and designer.
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Junction is a forum for the discussion of society, public access, art and architecture in the province of Östergötland. The aim is to provide a platform for informal meetings and boundary-crossing collaboration between artists, people working for the municipality, people in business, local politicians, political activists and the general public. Junction is currently run by four artists: Lars Almroth, Maija Suomalainen, Maria Lantz och Karin Willén.
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bild på Nils ClaessonNils Claesson and Rolf Lindgren

Nils Claesson is a self-taught artist, curator and film-maker. He lives and works in Stockholm and is on the board of CRAC. It is important to Nils that his art should have entertainment value. He has produced ”Ingmar” in collaboration with programmer Rolf Lindgren.

bild på SOCSOC. Stockholm

SOC.STockholm is an association of seven artists: Jon Brunberg, Annika Drougge, Anna-Lena Lundmark, Johan Malmström, Tobias Sjödin, Pernilla Carlsson-Sjödin and Karin Willén.
Since starting in September 1999, SOC.Stockholm has produced a succession of events at its premises on Bondegatan 64 on Stockholm’s southern island. SOC.Stockholm is a venue for artistic and social experimentation, a forum for discussions of art and social questions as well as a gallery. The group often collaborates on joint projects, most recently with their Utopia World Championship 2001.
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bild på Stockholms ÖvervakningskameraStockholms Övervakningskamerateater

SÖT, Stockholms Övervakningskamera Teater is a politically and religiously independent action group that collaborates freely with some twenty other groups throughout the world to recover public space. By means of actions in front of CTCs they seek to raise questions about democracy and freedom of speech as well as problematizing all aspects of the control society.
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Gabriel Widing och Andreas Nordwall from the group of artists known as Kalliope participate with a performance called ”Mellanpartiet” (Median party) in which all the parliamentary parties melt into a common median policy that they can all subscribe to. Kalliope works with dramatizing reality or with constructing their own, temporary realities in which you can participate yourself.
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Design: Karin Hansson