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An exhibition on control of our minds

Control of our minds becomes ever more repressive. Government organs, business corporations, politicians and interest groups all seek to control public opinion via the media. Public opinion is the title of this exhibition in which we try to describe how public discussion is formed. The various works included treat such questions as the extent to which the media fulfill their task as transparent sources of information and opinion and the space given to the individual in forming her or his own opinion. 

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Opening hours

The exhibition opens on 22 August at 4 pm and will remain open until 15 September.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am - 7 pm, Saturday & Sunday 11 am - 5 pm.
There are guided tours of the exhibition daily at 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm


The project is sponsored by The Miinistry of Justice, IASPIS, Stockholms Stad, Stockholms Läns landsting, Kulturrådet, The Austrian Embassy, Kulturhuset, Culture 2000 and organised by Association for Temporary Art [a:t].


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Translations by William Jewson and Brian Manning Delaney


Design: Karin Hansson