What is money? What does this symbol of trade and power consist of? This simple question is the point of departure for an art exhibition at The Culture Center of Stockholm with participants from Russia, Belaruse, Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

Friday June 15
18.00 Opening of the exhibition Money
Gallery 5, 5th floor, The Culture Center of Stockholm, Sweden

June 16 – August 5
Seminares and lectures, see program >

Sunday June 17
11.00-16.00 NICE meeting

June 16 – August 5
Open Tue-Thu 11-18, Fri-Sun 11-16.

For more information contact Nils Claesson or Karin Hansson.

The exhibition is part of Partnership for Culture, and arranged by the Swedish Institute with help from CRAC and The Culture Center of Stockholm. Thanks to Splintermind/Beeoff