A work about the wonders and thunders of the World Wide Web by Karin Hansson

Future is Now!

The complex tools and technologies needed as an integral part of our evolutionary fitness.

The distinguishing characteristic of the development of civilizations of high standing is the ability of the individuals to collaborate in groups. There are two pre-conditions for this:
Technically, a developed code of signs with shared meanings for the whole group, in other words language, and, secondly, empathy, or the ability to put oneself in the situation of other people.
Art plays a very important role in this societal process. Elevating the personal and the private to a level of general comprehension is vital for the group’s cohesion. Self-insight is the ground for understanding others, and this, together with linguistic development, are acquired through training in formulating oneself, in defining one’s ego in relation to others. To make this formulation public, with a larger audience in mind than one’s own narrow socio-cultural sphere, develops language and thereby strong, independent-thinking individuals - the ground for democracy itself.

The fulfillment of long-prophesied visions of the future

What is tremendous about the Internet - rightly seen by many to be the biggest thing since Gutenberg invented the printing press - is therefore not only the technical possibility of disseminating great amounts of information more easily. As important is the positive influence it has on our ability to empathize, and how it enlarges the group that this ability encompasses to be more extensive than the limited nation-state.
Public formulation has so far been reserved for a small circle of people; writers, artists, and other professional thinkers. The Internet dissolves these hierarchies, and gives the previously voiceless masses the possibility of defining themselves. Elitist cliques such as the art world lose their right to exist within this budding popular movement.

Our exponentially expanding extended superconsciousness

On the Internet, personal homepages are mushrooming and will soon dominate over everything else. The information is no longer an incomprehensible chaos, the controls have been taken over, you construct your own information and have no time to consume the surrounding world’s disinformation. Tomorrow every citizen will have his or her own TV channel, and there will no longer be any reason to be subjected to the distorted world view of the media elite.
Overwhelmed and curiously happy I have now yielded to this indisputable fact. I can now finally present here my totally own and personal homepage.

Karin Hansson Copyright, 1996 karinh@nada.kth.se

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