X-Sender: lunqe@dino.sto.foa.se
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 10:55:34 +0200
To: karin@it.kth.se (Karin Hansson)
From: broman@sto.foa.se (Pär Broman)
Subject: Stealth opinions


I am of the opinion that.
I am a dreamer.
I thought that if anyone is informed on the subject it should be the
military, since the next war of any importance will be an info-war.
Until then:
Defence strategies are developed.
Aphasia signifies a damaged communication system.
But I live in a dream.

I contacted FOA, defence research establishment, information department,
and I was well recieved. In the office were numbers and diagrams concerning
presentation and a new logotype. The fact is that I was really impressed
talking to a general.

Checked and okeyed by the security police and happy as a child, I was in
the backseat of a darkblue SAAB with black windows, driven by a chauffeur
to an Adobe seminar.

A friend said jokingly: At FOA!? Then you could.....sabotage...ha,ha,ha.
But am I not a pacifist? From my room at FOA I had conversations with
initiated persons about aphasia; Why is it that losing the capability to
communicate, means losing a major part of your identity?

And cyberwar, stock-exchange software bombs are interesting, so clinical
and quite surreal; as surreal as trying to have an opinion about the design
of neckties for FOA marketing. So I was actually bursting with enthusiasm
when taking my morning walk to my real-life work at FOA.

Moreover, the materialist in me had become horny for the abandoned photolab
at the info-department. So I worked on the layout for intranet pages to put
myself in a favourable position with the boss. Instead of having an
Being able to express it.
Being admitted.

Pär Broman

Many thanks to:

Fern Seiden